Christmas Cookoff 2020

Let’s get cookin’! Really though. Would you want to come to cook with us through Instagram live? We are teaming up with Cosentino and celebrity Chef Stephen Coe who has recently won Food Network’s “Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay”. Chef Coe also has won “Chopped Grill Masters”, “World Bacon Champion”, “Tyler Florence Recipe Contest”, and “Boston […]

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Divine Stoneworks™ Is An Essential Business

Deemed an essential service to the public, Divine Stoneworks™ is open during the advisory given to Massachusetts residents by local state officials amidst this COVID-19 season. It is imperative to our customers we remain fully operational and also, take precautionary methods to ensure the health and safety for you, as our customers, and our team […]

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Divine Stoneworks Is Recognized With 2020 GuildMaster Award

GuildQuality annually recognizes companies demonstrating exemplary service in the building, remodeling, contracting and real estate professions. Each year, GuildQuality awards companies that showcase an ability to provide superior customer experiences. This year, Divine Stoneworks was chosen to receive the GuildMaster Award for 2020. In order to receive the award, a Guildmember must, at a minimum, […]

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Choosing a Backsplash

Designing a kitchen requires many decisions, some seemingly minute to grander considerations like countertops, cabinetry, and appliances. Choosing a backsplash is one of those choices that may seem small, but can have a huge impact on the overall feel and aesthetic of your space. The backsplash is an opportunity to get creative and infuse your […]

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Think Quartz Countertops Aren’t Affordable? Think again!

A common misconception about quartz countertops is that they are expensive, but the truth is they all range in pricing just like any other stone. Quartz countertops are competitively priced against other stones like granite and marble depending the design, but also because they come with benefits such as lower maintenance and higher durability. If […]

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Choosing The Countertop For Your Kitchen Remodel

Choosing the perfect countertop for your kitchen remodel is no simple task. The options are pretty much endless. You’ll need to consider aesthetics, function, and budget when choosing the countertop that is right for your home.   Aesthetics The countertops are more than a graveyard for discarded mail and this morning’s breakfast. They are a […]

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Don’t Be Scared Of Real Marble Countertops

If you are looking for stately, yet feminine countertops to adorn your kitchen remodel, marble countertops might be the one for you. They are gorgeous, elegant, and full of character. You may be worried that they are too high maintenance, based on the mixed reviews you may have found online. Staining and etching are hardly […]

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Your Life Isn’t Over If Your Countertop Stains

You’ve finally installed those perfect countertops and your kitchen looks glorious. As you are cleaning up after cooking a meal, you notice there is a stain on your pristine stone. Oh no! What is there to do? Never fear. Your life isn’t over if your countertop stains. There are some effective stain-removing tricks, as well […]

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via lactea kitchen countertop with antique ice granite island

Mixing Different Countertops In The Kitchen

Who says that you have to choose just one countertop for all of your kitchen surfaces? Mixing and matching different countertops is a great way to add visual drama to a kitchen, as well as a resourceful way to stay on budget. A variety of countertops in one space is trendy, and for good reason: […]

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Stone 101: Natural or Engineered?

Choosing the ideal countertop for your kitchen can be a difficult decision, especially considering how gorgeous the stone options are, regardless of them being natural or engineered. So what is one to do? Lots and lots of research, of course! Or just read this Stone 101 guide that weighs out the pros and cons of […]

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