10 Reasons why you need to invest in new countertops
1. STAINS - Multiple stains deeply set into a countertop aren't likely to come out. If your kitchen is full of tiny hands that tend to spill, consider quartz countertops as they are highly resistant to stains.

2. SCRATCHES - Scratches not only mar the look of your countertops, but it makes them less appealing to touch and clean. Granite countertops tend to stand up to even the roughest cooks.
3.  OUTDATED - Some countertops are entirely functional but may look like they came from an era where bell bottoms were all the rage. Modernize your kitchen with marble countertops that are timeless.

4. WRONG STYLE - If you just redesigned your living space to resemble a fancy French country home, you might want to get your kitchen countertops up to speed too.

5. CHEAP LOOKING - Maybe you love the whole house but feel you aren't happy with the quality of your countertops in comparison.

6. CRACKED - Cracks from structural damage in the home need to be taken care of right away, or they're only likely to get worse (making them more expensive to replace).

7. SMOKE DAMAGE. - Whether it's from less-than-conscientious cigarette smokers in the house or the occasional grease fire in the kitchen, smoke has a tendency to get under the fibers of your countertops and not let go.

8. INCONVENIENT - Maybe your countertops are too high, too low, or uneven in all the wrong places. Making it more comfortable to do your thing means extra cups of coffee to enjoy and less stress in the morning.

9. SALE PRICE - Prospective homebuyers go straight for the kitchen when considering their new home. Be sure to set the right first impression with an updated countertop.

10. YOU NEED A CHANGE - There's nothing wrong with needing a physical change in the kitchen you see ever single day.