How to Add Color to Your Kitchen Design

How to Add Color to Your Kitchen Design

Let’s talk about style and trends in kitchen design. They’re always changing, unique to each person and can be really fun!

Recently, everyone wanted all white kitchens. White gives a very bright and clean look. Now, it seems color is becoming trendier with pops of color adding personality and beauty in the heart of the home.

A nice way to add color in your kitchen is with your kitchen cabinets. Seems too bold for you? It’s not! You can do it! Here are two simple ways that you can add a fun mix of color to your kitchen renovation.

1. If you have a kitchen island, paint your island base cabinets a fun color.

We would suggest painting the perimeter a neutral color like a white, grey or taupe and then find a color for the island that will compliment.

Untitled design 1 1

You see how in this kitchen your eyes are drawn to the island? It's because of the subtle color that offsets the white perimeter. They chose more muted tones for this kitchen, but you can have fun with it! Whatever color you choose, also find beautiful accent decorations for the perimeter countertop to pull it all together.

2. Paint the upper cabinets white and the lower cabinets a bold color.

Having the upper cabinets white will keep the kitchen feeling large and bright. But adding color to the lowers will draw the eyes to the countertops and bring lots of personality to the kitchen.

Untitled design 1

Here they chose a vibrant blue with white countertops. They don't have a lot of upper cabinets since they chose the open shelving look, but you can see how fun, yet bright this kitchen is. It's definitely not lacking any personality!

Typically, we would recommend a quartz or natural stone that is subtle and bright to pair with the color on the cabinets. You don't want too many colors or designs to compete with each other. The color of the cabinets will draw the eyes to the counters.

There are a ton of other ways to work color into your kitchen design. You can certainly choose white cabinets and more colorful and bold in the design of your countertops.

At Divine Stoneworks we can help you with some of these design choices and make sure you pick out the best countertop to compliment all of your kitchen renovation choices.

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