The 3 Most Common Backsplashes

The 3 Most Common Backsplashes

Maybe are tackling your kitchen renovation and you’ve just chosen your countertops with us, but now you have no idea what you are doing for a backsplash. We’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about some of the different options you have.

1.     Full height stone
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Typically with this option, whatever you choose for your countertops, we would also use on the backsplash. We would create a seamless look that goes from your countertops and onto the wall. Of course, if you want to choose a different stone than your countertops, you can do that too! This is a great option because there are no grout lines! And do you know what that means? Easy cleaning. It’s a very elegant and luxurious look. With this option, it would also mean that you wouldn’t have to hire another person, we would take care of it for you along with your countertops.

2.     4 inch stone
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This option is great if you need a little bit of a splash guard around your kitchen or vanity but you don’t want to do too much. We commonly install this in bathrooms with your vanity countertop. A sidesplash can also be made and it would just mean we would put it on either or both sides of your vanity that are up against a wall. This is almost always using the same stone as your countertop. But if you want to have something else, you are welcome to choose a different stone than your counter.

3.     Tile
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Tile is another option if you want some patterns or designs with smaller pieces put together. You can do something simple like a subway tile or something more complex like a herringbone pattern. You can even mix different patterns and do a herringbone tile above the stove and the rest of the backsplash something more simple. You also would need to choose a grout color for between the tiles. Tile would be installed by a partner that we can recommend to you.

What’s cool is you can mix and match between these options. You can do a full height stone above your stove and the rest tile. Or you can do a tile pattern above your stove and then a more simple full height around the rest of the perimeter. Another option is to do 4 inches of stone that is the same as the counters and then tile the rest of the backsplash above it. So many options to choose from and we can help you make the best choice for you.

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