7 Questions to Ask Your Client as They Choose Kitchen Countertops

7 Questions to Ask Your Client as They Choose Kitchen Countertops

Do you work in the home renovation industry but aren't completely knowledgeable about countertops? Don’t feel ashamed to say yes, we all have our areas of expertise and, at Divine Stoneworks, countertops just happen to be ours! 

We want to equip you as much as we can to help guide your client to making the best choice of countertops for their home remodel. 

Here are 7 questions, and a breakdown of why it’s important to know, that can help guide your client:

1. What is the primary use of this area and countertop?

Will there be cooking? Doing laundry? Brushing teeth? Will a lot of people be touching this counter? Is it more for looks than function? We want to know the primary use of the countertop because not every stone is best for a given area. Some stones are porous and can stain very easily, while some stones are very resistant to staining and are more durable. We can help you find not only something beautiful, but that will be useful as well.

2. Will this counter be used every day or just occasionally?

If it’s a countertop that will be used everyday, like a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity, those stones should be very durable. But if you are adding stone to something more decorative like a shelf,it’s okay to use a stone that is a little more porous because you typically won’t have anything spilling on it.

3. Do you want low maintenance?

Do you want to reseal your countertops or do you prefer not to? Options like quartz and Dekton do not need to be resealed. Once we install the counters, they’re all set for years to come! Any natural stone that you choose, you will need to seal it throughout the year depending on the type and how much the area is being used. It’s not a hard process to reseal the countertops, but you need to remember to do it and it is an extra step. Just something to think about!

4. Will children be using this area?

Kids can be a little messy and that is okay! They’re learning and sometimes juice spills or marker accidentally gets off of the paper and onto the table or countertop. If children will be using this countertop, you should probably pick a more durable option.

5. Will you be drinking wine or hosting gatherings on this countertop?

Not only can kids be a little messy, but adults can be too. ;) If you love to host, have lots of food out, make a lot of tomato sauce or use a lot of spices and maybe drink some wine, then having a porous countertop (one that absorbs things easily), is not going to be your best option. You don’t want to be hosting a party and be cleaning or handing out coasters for drinks the whole time. Relax with your guests knowing that if someone spills that delicious homemade pasta sauce by accident, your countertops are durable enough to wipe it up easily.

6. Do you want to be able to put a hot pan directly on the counter?

If it’s important to you not to use trivets in your kitchen, you should choose countertops that are heat resistant. Not many options are truly heat resistant, but we have some beautiful options that we can show you!

7. What is your budget for the countertops?

Most people have a budget. Not everyone knows what their budget is because they may not have done a renovation before. But if you give us a ballpark, we can point out options that would work within your budget. We understand that this is important to many of you!
Ultimately, we want to make your life easier while you work in your niche and we work in ours. Are you a contractor? Kitchen and bath store? Designer? We can help you! Whether you want to be hands-off and send your client to one of our trained design consultants to help pick the best countertops for them, or you want to come in with your client, it’s a tailor-made appointment for you. There are many ways for us to help you in your business so let us know how we can partner with you!
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