Mitered Edges. They're a vibe.

Mitered Edges. They’re a vibe.

Do you want to know a countertop trend that’s becoming all the vibe in your home renovation?

Mitered edges.

They’re thick. They’re luxurious. But what exactly are they, and are they the right fit for your kitchen renovation?

Standard thickness of a quartz countertop or a granite countertop is 3cm, or 1.18 inches. Now, some material can come thinner or thicker, but 3cm is the standard.

What a mitered edge makes the material appear thicker than it actually is, thus giving it a luxurious and expensive look.

For those of you who want to know a little more of how it’s made, we’re gonna pull out some highschool geometry skills.

Simply put, it’s taking two pieces of stone and cutting the two edges, where the miter is desired, at a 45 degree  angle. Then when both edges come together, it creates a 90 degree angle to have the same stone both vertically and horizontally. However long the piece of stone is that is going vertically, will determine how “thick” your countertop will appear. So instead of paying for a huge, heavy and custom ordered slab of stone that is thicker than the norm, talk to your design consultant about doing a mitered edge to give you a custom look at a fraction of the cost of a naturally thick stone.

One fun and easy way to add a mitered edge to your countertop is on the kitchen island if you have one. You can keep the perimeter of the kitchen the standard thickness and then add a miter to the island to double the thickness, or even more if you want. This will make the island a showstopper in your home.

Another way a mitered edge is used is for waterfall edges. It requires the same technique, but the vertical piece of stone goes to the floor. This is great on any sides of the counter that are exposed. Your guests will definitely be impressed!

Don't limit the ways a mitered edge might be beautiful in your home. Here are some other ways it could be used.

Bathroom Vanity
Office Desk
Bar Top

Window sill
Tub Surround
Laundry room

Basically anywhere we can put a countertop or stone finishing, we can do a mitered edge.

Our team at Divine Stoneworks is highly trained to not only help you design your kitchen remodel, but to also fabricate these unique and eye catching finishes for you. It not only takes the right equipment, but the right staff to artistically create and install your countertops for you.

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