Kitchen Design Details

Kitchen Design Details

Let’s say you came to Divine Stoneworks and we helped you choose a stunning stone for your countertop. You’re so excited to get it in your kitchen but you have a couple of other decisions to make with the kitchen design and style. You need to pick cabinet handles, a faucet and a sink. Here’s some of our top tips to add those finishing touches!

1. Sink
Two popular options for kitchens are farmers sinks and undermount stainless steel. Here are some details on each.

Farmhouse sink
Most commonly we see farmhouse sinks made out of white porcelain and it fits well in homes that are farmhouse style, the name makes sense right? You’ll sometimes hear people using apron sink and farmhouse sink interchangeably. Apron sinks have the front face of the sink exposed creating a focal point in the kitchen and commonly farmhouse sinks are also apron sinks. Some people say that apron sinks are a type of farmhouse sink but are made a little more modern. Either way, they’re very similar and it’s usually okay to call it either name.

Undermount stainless steel sink
These come in all shapes and sizes. One thing to lookout for is the gauge or thickness. Most are either 16 or 18 gauge stainless steel, which is recommended. The lower the number, the thicker the sink.

2. Faucet
In your kitchen, there are so many types of faucets that are great. Two features that are nice to have are touchless and a pull down handle. Touchiness handles allow you to use motion sensors to turn the water on and off.

So when your hands are a mess or you just seasoned some chicken, you can walk right over to wash your hands and not even have to touch the handle. Then when you are trying to clean the sink after doing the dishes, you can pull down the handle and make sure you get all the angles. Everyone will want to come cook and clean in your kitchen!

3. Cabinet Handles
Now the handles are an important feature to your kitchen, but just like the sink or faucet, you can bling them up or play them down. One design style that we’ve seen a lot of and loved is a matte gold finish to your hardware.

Let’s say you choose a white quartz counter with some beige veining throughout. You then picked a white porcelain farmhouse sink with a touchless matte gold faucet. For your cabinets I would continue using matte gold style on the handles.

If you like more of a stainless steel look in your kitchen, and that’s what you chose for your sink and faucet, I would either pick a fun color for your handles to make them pop, or stainless steel to match the faucet and sink.

Whatever you decide for your kitchen, it’s YOUR kitchen. While it’s good to look at popular styles if you plan to resell your home at some point, you also need to make sure it’s what YOU like since you and your family will be using it! It should make you happy and feel at home, whatever you choose. We hope this helps you make some of these design choices!

Check out, How to Add Color to Your Kitchen Design, for more design tips!

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