What Separates Us?

We aren’t the only stone fabricators around and you may have been used to those who claim to be experts while they are not. We deal in all types of stones for home and business places, and we are the best in what we do. Being the best stone supplier is not about claiming to be, it is about what you are doing differently. So, let’s show you what distinguishes us from others and how we are different from the rest.

At Divine Stoneworks, we specialize in all types of stones. We know the only way to earn your trust is to give you an effective and efficient timely solution to ensure you enjoy every stage of your project. We are an award-winning team and are dedicated to our job. The other guy may offer you a cheap solution, but be careful he is an outdated Ozzie. We are also different from the big box bill who claims you get what you pay for.

Who Are We and Who Are They?

We run a family business with every member dedicated to creating an award-winning experience. We are mid-sized, with our entire staff bringing their expertise to make the Divine experience special at every step. We have dedicated staff for every step of your project, from consultation to installation, to customer relations.

… But the Outdated Ozzie

He is a one-man business. He is the manager, the consultant, the installer, the accountant, and the customer relation officer. He saves a lot by not getting an office or paying staff. But that tells on him as he is always overwhelmed and can never give his best.

… And the Big Box Bill

He has more than is required. Big office, lots of staff. He runs expensive adverts, has many subcontractors, and pays a lot of bills. But of course, all that are on you. He will include all his overhead bills in your project such that a little fraction of the money you pay actually goes into your project.

What We Offer and What They Offer

We offer multiple options and our products are from popular suppliers. We will not only offer you quality products but will also advise you in choosing the product that is best for your project.

… But the Outdated Ozzie

He is a Jack of all trades and master of none. He has no design experience hence cannot offer any advice on the best product for you. He is only interested in offering a cheap job at the expense of quality. If you hire him, you will get the worst product money can buy.

… And the Big Box Bill

Even though Bill has a lot of managers and consultants, they are never professionals. All their solutions look similar and generic.

Our Pricing and Their Pricing

We give accurate pricing that is competitive and affordable. We are able to save by ordering in bulk from top companies. We also employ cutting-edge technology which reduced our production cost. In every step of the project, we make our pricing transparent.

… But the Outdated Ozzie

He gives you unbelievable pricing. Too good to be true. He wants you by all means and will want to lure you with his low price. However, his only alternative is to cut costs by using low-quality materials. Trust him, he will never let you know until the bad job is done. Even at that, he may not be able to meet up with the low price he gives, hence comes up with constant increases in price. Until the job is finally handed over to you, you never can tell how much you are going to pay.

… And the Big Box Bill

He gives you an outrageous bill and claims he is going to give outstanding service. But unfortunately, the bulk of the money you pay is not going into your project. His bill is high because he needs to finance his expensive advertisement, unnecessary consultation, and needless chain of managers. You will never get value for your money, and you will be getting exactly the same service available elsewhere but with Bill, for a multiple of the cost.

Who Gives a Realistic Estimate?

When we make estimates, we are accurate and professional about it. We make it as transparent as possible. Our estimates are also always accurate because we put in all possible factors when we make them.

… But their Estimates

Outdated Ozzie is not organized, so can never give an accurate estimate. Every time, he keeps adding more to the cost, because he forgot something initially or something doesn’t cost as he had thought.

For Bill, he makes many offers he cannot fulfill because he has little knowledge of the field. Most of the time, he makes promises just for the sake of it.

We Are Always Present

We have dedicated team members that will support you for every step of the project. That you can always have us around will give you confidence as you install the new countertops and surrounds. At every step, you know you are not alone.

… But the Outdated Ozzie

You can only get him on the phone. He is always busy doing everything all alone. Once your project starts, he will abandon you for his next customer.

… And the Big Box Bill

Each time you need him you realize no one is around. His business is too big to attend to small clients like you once you have made the payment. He will always fix a time for an appointment that he will never honor. With him, you are alone.

World-Class, Indoor Showroom

We invite you to our indoor showroom. It will surely inspire you and lead you to the perfect stones for your home. We have an indoor, climate-controlled warehouse that keeps the stones unaffected by the environment.

… But the Outdated Ozzie

It is raining outside, so bring a jacket because Ozzie’s stone selection is outdoors. What he has is a mixup of remnants and leftovers from past projects. What is worse is that you will select a stone that may not look the same when it is installed in your home.

… And the Big Box Bill

Big box offers many generic options and is often pushing corporate interests rather than customers’ interests. Customers have described the experience as impersonal due to the lack of selection and design expertise.

Our Warranty and Their Warranty

We offer a one-year warranty because we have confidence in our services. But they will not give any warranty, only promises to fix problems. And if you call them, they will never show up. They have moved on.

As for the Big Box Bill, he will always ask for photos but will never approve any warranty.

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