Most Common Countertop Edges


Leanin', bumpin', movin', and groovin'.

I'm not talking about a dance party, although those are encouraged, but rather all the different ways we move about our homes and hit on our countertops every day.

Just when you thought you were done making decisions about your kitchen design and you finally picked out the right stone countertop for you, now the question is, “what edge do you prefer?”

I know, so many things!

That’s why at Divine Stoneworks, our skilled design consultants are trained to make all these decisions for your kitchen renovation and your new countertops as easy as possible, so don’t worry!

But in the meantime, before your appointment, maybe you want to brush up on a couple of the standard ways we finish your countertops for you.

The first way is with the edge profile. Think of anytime you lean on your countertop to snag that favorite coffee mug you hide away in the top cabinet so no one else uses it. That edge that you will lean on is going to have a specific finished touch.

<a href='https://www.divinestoneworks.com/most-common-countertop-edges/'>Most Common Countertop Edges</a>

The most common countertop edges are:

  • Straight edge (also called pencil edge)
  • ¼ Radius edge
  • ¼ Bevel edge

Here’s what they look like.

Straight edge: modern, clean, crisp, square but not sharp. Most common out of the top 3.

Straight Edge

¼ Radius edge: softer look, more rounded than straight but still modern, subtle

quarter radius

¼ Bevel edge: a little edgier (pun intended), think of it as a small diagonal cut off of the top edge, can bring a little extra design and elegance

quarter bevel
Some designers have a preference for you depending on the countertop stone you choose and they can help you pick the best one for your home and kitchen remodel!

The second finishing touch you might want to think about is the radius corners.

Remember I got you thinking of having a dance party in your kitchen? Let’s say you and your family are dancing around the island and your hip brushes one of the corners. You wouldn’t want that corner to be too sharp or that could hurt. Or maybe you have an entrance near the end of your countertop and you don’t want too sharp of a corner to be exposed to the kids. This is where radius corners are very practical.

When you’re in our showroom during your appointment, we have a fun little visual to be able to show you what different size radius corners would look like. Typically we do 1” radius corners on islands and areas exposed to possible bumping. It just slightly rounds the corner to create a softer look and safer exposed edge.

In this picture, for example, you’ll see radius corners on the island and we would also recommend adding one to the small countertop to the left of the doorway since there will be traffic around that exposed corner.

types of countertop edges section 2

No matter where you are starting on your renovation, Divine Stoneworks is here to help!

We hope this is a great start to choosing your beautiful new granite countertops or quartz countertops and we look forward to helping you further at your appointment in our gorgeous showroom!

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