How To Use Social Media in The Remodeling Industry

How To Use Social Media in The Remodeling Industry

Have you been trying to up your game on social media lately for your remodeling business? Here are a few easy steps to getting your social media looking better!

1. Consistency
For anyone trying to meet new clients, keep in touch with existing ones and build a brand on social media, consistency is key both in posting and also branding. If you can post something everyday, that’s great. If that’s too much, try every other day. But definitely try at least that often. Make a plan. Ask your team for content ideas at the beginning of each month (I would do that for the following month so you can get ahead) and then crank some material out.

Another way you want to be consistent is to have one person on your team manage the content and posts to make sure your branding is consistent. Choose colors, fonts and logos that you want to use that work with your brand.

2. Personal
When you have followers that know you personally (which you should!), they not only know and love you because of the work that you do, but the amazing team that you have. We’ve noticed that the content our followers tend to like and comment on the most are the posts that show and talk about our projects and our team members. Yes, I’m sure our followers want to see countertops, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and all that good stuff, but also, celebrate successes, ask permission to talk about personal stories of your clients and team, share funny pictures, etc.

If you’re not having fun at work each day then work on that first. ;) At Divine Stoneworks, we put a lot of time into our hiring process to make sure that we continue to build a great team that is not only great at designing and building beautiful stone countertops, but we have fun while doing it!

3. Variety
There are so many different ways to interact with your followers these days. Instagram and Facebook can be linked, so your posts and stories can be posted on both with one click. On Instagram stories you can do polls and ask questions which is a fun way to connect with your followers. Reels have been a fun way to make videos. Find a trending song to go with your video for even more views.

Comment and like on your friends posts too. If you want engagement, give engagement!

4. Creativity
Get creative! Have different team members be featured, ask your clients if you can share their remodel stories and make it interesting! Recently we highlighted a team member's success in a funny way, go check it out on Instagram (@Divinestoneworks).

If you paint, make cabinets, are a stone fabricator, a designer, etc., make an Instagram reel showing some of your behind the scene processes. It doesn’t need to be complicated. With reels, take small videos as you do your normal tasks and then at the end of the day, combine them all with a fun song and there you go! You have a reel!

We hope this helps you find some fun ways to use your social media to engage and build your followers. But remember the first one, consistency is key! Just start to put out content!

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