Designing From a Distance

Designing From a Distance

We all know all of the changes we’ve had to make over the last couple of years both personally and for our workplaces during the pandemic. While some of the changes have been unfortunate, let’s look at the positives and talk about some changes that have been great and have helped the way that we can run our businesses!

The ways that technology has been utilized recently can be great for your business. At Divine Stoneworks, we definitely prefer to meet our clients in person, but if needed, we can certainly design from a distance.

Do you have a business that can meet virtually to get the project started? Here are 3 tips to make that process smoother.

1. Make it personal
Just like if you were face to face, it’s important that the meeting isn’t all business. Part of working with clients is learning about them and their families. So schedule a video chat. Have the client walk you around the renovation area and explain some of their day to day tasks related to the area they want to renovate. If we have a client renovating their kitchen or bathroom vanity, it would be helpful to know how they like to use each area and see what colors, cabinets and flooring the countertops are going to work with.

2. Share your screen
On a couple different video chat software's, you can share your computer screen. This is helpful to go over quotes. Hopefully you’ve been able to gather enough information ahead of time that most of your quote is worked up already. When you have the quote pulled up and you share your screen, you can go over all of the details and even live edit if there’s something that needs to be fixed. If you don’t want to do this, it will be a little more work for you and the client, but you can email the quote while you're on video chat and the client can view it that way.

3. Follow up
If your client is not ready to make a decision yet, try to send them samples of the top products they are interested in. At Divine Stoneworks, we can ship you countertop samples of your 1-2 top choices to be able to see them in your home or business. Please ask your design consultant if samples are available for the color you are interested in, not all are available for shipping. Schedule another video chat so you can review the samples together.

As mentioned earlier, we prefer face to face design consultations but if you or your client is more comfortable meeting virtually for this step, we can make it work! Now, the rest of the project (template and installation) will need to be in person, but we take all the precautions necessary to make sure our clients are comfortable and safe!

For more tips on how to help your client in the design process see our blog on, 7 Questions to ask your client as they choose kitchen countertops.

Happy designing!
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