What To Expect For Your Installation

What To Expect For Your Installation
Make sure to read our recent blog on, What to Expect For Your Template for all of the details to know before your installation.

Once you pick your stone for your new countertop and the template is completed, it’s time to cut your stone and install it! Here are some tips for your countertop installation.

The template is going to show digital measurements of your project area and this will be sent to our project management team. Once this is reviewed, it gets sent to our fabrication team. The fabrication team will then cut your stone for your project! Once everything is cut and polished, our team of installers will bring these to your home or business at the scheduled time frame. Here are some things to be prepared for.

1. Make sure the installation crew has clear access to the area where the countertops will be installed.
This is so important because your countertops are heavy! We want to keep our team and your countertops safe, so please remove any obstacles that may make bringing the countertops in difficult.

2. Schedule a plumber to turn off water and gas.
We need to make sure that before we move and disconnect sinks, faucets and stoves, that any water and gas is shut off. A plumber will need to come before we install your countertops to shut everything off and then typically 24 hours after installation of the counters, they can come back and reconnect everything. If you need help with this or recommendations of local plumbers, ask your design consultant. We can do our best to help you coordinate this!

3. Have faucets on site
You will have already had your sinks on site (or brought by us if purchased through Divine), for the template. But at the time of install we will need the faucet you will be using. This is because we will cut the holes in your countertop for your faucet on site. Don’t worry, it takes seconds to cut and all safety measures are taken to protect you and our team. It’s also good to note that we will install your sinks, but not the faucets, only cut the appropriate holes for them. While your plumber is there turning the water back on after the installation, ask if they could also install your faucet.

4. Your installation is typically quick!
For most average size kitchens, your installation could take 1-2 hours. If you also need removal of the old countertops, our team will take care of that the same day of installation. We will also take your old countertops back to our shop to be recycled. We want to make it as easy for you as possible!

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