Kitchen Countertops

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the countertops are what make it run. Whether you’re preparing a meal, gathering for a snack, rolling out cookies, or helping the kids with their homework, your countertop is your primary work surface in the kitchen. With so many surface options today, stone has stood the test of time and remains the best material for the job, both for its durability and beauty.

Hearty enough to withstand hot pans and water, a stone countertop tends to outlive the house itself. And while different stones require a different level of maintenance, our professionals are well equipped to make sure you choose the right stone to fit your home and your lifestyle.

  • Granite is luxurious and will make your kitchen look elegant, modern and sleek
  • Marble is unique, beautiful, waterproof, and heatproof. It will certainly add more to the value of your home
  • Engineered Quartz is easy to maintain, does not stain with good resistance to heat and acid
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With dozens of stone types out there, hundreds of colors available, and multiple brands to choose from, how do you narrow down your selection?

At Divine Stoneworks, we start with discovering:

  • A design you love that complements your style
  • Your kitchen’s size and needs
  • The right level of maintenance to balance your lifestyle

Modern and elegant flairs can be achieved through combinations of stone. Traditional looks are popularly achieved using soapstone. Natural stone is entirely unique, adding an exclusive centerpiece to your home. The options are overwhelming - so we work to find what’s most important to you, then pin down the perfect stone for your home.

Your kitchen is an essential part of your home. If you love cooking, then you will likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen. So, it is important that you have everything done right. But you can count on us. We will use our expertise to assist you to choose the right material, the right color, and the right finishing so that you have the kind of kitchen you truly deserve. 

Our design professionals are equipped with the knowledge to help you navigate your decision-making process and see your project through from start to finish.

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