Remnants, what they are and how to best utilize them.

Remnants, What they are and how to best utilize them.

Alright let’s talk about remnants. I’m sure if you are around anyone doing a renovation with countertops, you’ve heard this word before. Let us break down the do’s and don'ts of remnants.

First off, what are remnants?

To put it simply, they are the partial pieces of a full slab of stone. When a slab of stone is manufactured or cut, it’s typically in a large rectangle shape. Then, when a fabricator is using the slab of stone to cut out a specific project, sometimes the project doesn’t need the entire piece of stone, which would result in having some of it unused. Since it would be unwise to throw away any decent sized, unused material, we put the remnant piece into a specific section of our warehouse to hopefully be used on another project.

Here’s an example:

John wants his kitchen counter redone but has a specific stone in mind that is not usually kept in-house. No problem! We order the special stone that John is looking for and the slab size it comes in is 128”x63”. John’s kitchen layout is in green.

kitchen drawing

While we do everything we can not to waste material, naturally, there is some waste to the full slab due to cutting and polishing John’s kitchen. But still, there’s going to be some material that is unused from this full slab of stone. The yellow in the picture shows some of the material that will be considered a remnant piece now, available for another client to choose for a smaller project.

What are some smaller projects that remnants are good for?

Vanities, laundry rooms, desks, tables, window sills, shower benches and thresholds, some small apartment kitchens, etc.

There are so many possibilities of what you can do to add luxury and personality to small areas of your home with stone countertops. Whether you choose to use a remnant piece of stone, or choose within our beautiful collection of material, there typically isn’t a large price difference with smaller sized projects. Talk to your design consultant about what is the best option for your project.

Another thing that is worth mentioning that we do at Divine Stoneworks, is we store 100% of our material indoors. Why is this important? It’s important because material can get damaged sitting outside in the UV rays and in all of the weather elements. Especially living in New England where the weather has a wide range. Typically when material is stored outside, there’s much higher risk of the stone being of lesser quality. But because we choose to have a large indoor warehouse, all of your stones, including the remnants, are being protected and stored indoors in a temperature controlled setting.

Basically, we care about ALL of your projects. The big and the smaller. At Divine Stoneworks, we will take care of you.

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