Mixing Different Countertops In The Kitchen

Who says that you have to choose just one countertop for all of your kitchen surfaces? Mixing and matching different countertops is a great way to add visual drama to a kitchen, as well as a resourceful way to stay on budget. A variety of countertops in one space is trendy, and for good reason: They provide versatility.

How do you mix different countertops without it looking mismatched?

via lactea kitchen countertop with antique ice granite island

Our Project: Via Lactea Kitchen Countertop with an Antique Ice Granite island


Complementary textures, colors, and functions.

You may want a heat-resistant stone in the cooking areas. While you may opt for wood in the eating area where it will require less maintenance. Or maybe you’ve had your eye on a gorgeous slab of marble, but couldn’t afford to use it throughout the entire kitchen. Use it as a focal point (as a backsplash or island countertop, perhaps?), and then find a complementary stone or surface that can be carried naturally throughout the rest of the space. You could also use a small amount of marble for that cool surface that is perfect for rolling out pastry dough, while opting for a darker stone or wooden surface for the rest of the kitchen.

Pay attention the size of your space.

When choosing a mixture of countertops, it’s important to look at your space. A galley kitchen is more narrow and can easily feel too enclosed. Choose countertops that complement the space you are working with to ensure they are aesthetically pleasing as a whole.

When mixing different countertops, aim for a nice balance between what you choose. If you have a colder, industrial surface, try mixing it with a warmer one. If you use one surface for the majority of the space, considering adding a splash of differentiation by adding a different countertop to one area. Mixing different countertops is the perfect opportunity to infuse your personality into a space in a more budget-friendly way.

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