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Don't Be Scared Of Real Marble Countertops

Source: HGTV

If you are looking for stately, yet feminine countertops to adorn your kitchen remodel, marble countertops might be the one for you. They are gorgeous, elegant, and full of character.

You may be worried that they are too high maintenance, based on the mixed reviews you may have found online. Staining and etching are hardly the first things you want to hear about when considering a new countertop, so let’s dispel some of those worries. Don’t be scared of real marble countertops!

Do I have to be a neat freak to own marble countertops?

No. No, you don’t. It’s true that marble can stain and etch more easily than less porous types of stone, but it doesn’t mean that they will be ruined or look awful. However, there are some ways to reduce staining and etching. You can:

  • Utilize mats or wooden cutting boards that complement the elegance of the stone when using highly acidic or colorful ingredients.
  • Clean up messes rather quickly, especially brightly colored ones.
  • Seal the countertop professionally, then maintain the seal through DIY methods.
  • Use one of the many marble stain-removing options when a stain does appear.
  • Embrace the character that comes with mild discolorations and etches. Marble isn’t a solid color. The stains will add to the history and uniqueness (and even the beauty) of the stone. The more staining and etching that you get, the more natural it looks. And you might even have a whole family timeline written in stone (“This is where the wine spilled when our family was in town. And this is where that lemon juice was while we made lemonade for the kids’ stand 4 years ago.”).  
  • Opt for a marble backsplash. That will eliminate the countertop issues almost entirely. Just kidding. Marble countertops are nothing to fear.

Marble countertops are in a league of their own. They’re unique, bright and a stunning piece of stone artwork in your kitchen. Just like a pair of jeans, they get better with time.

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