What To Expect For Your Template

What To Expect For Your Template

Once we pick your favorite stone to cut for your new countertops, the next step is the template.

Typically before the sales appointment, we need you to do basic measurements so we can write up a quote for you. However, we don’t expect your measurements to be professional or accurate enough that we can cut your new countertops based off of them! So don’t worry, we will send out an experienced and talented technician to take precise laser measurements for your kitchen.

With the laser measurements that we take, we will even be able to measure any grooves or bows in the walls. It’s fairly quick to do too. For most basic kitchens, the template takes about 30 minutes. The more intricate the project, the more details would be necessary for the template as well.

In order to complete your template you’ll need a few things.

1. Cabinets Installed Completely
If you are redoing your cabinets with your kitchen or bathroom renovation, we ask that these are completely installed in the set location they will be in. If any changes are made to the cabinets after the template, this could impact the way that your new countertops are going to fit. Since they are measured with so much detail, any small changes could make a difference when installing.

2. Have Your Appliances and Sinks on Site
If you have new appliances or sinks, please make sure everything is at your house for the template. This is because we will want to know exactly how to cut your countertop stone around your appliances or sinks. We do understand that sometimes appliances are back ordered for a while, but we do prefer the appliances on site rather than using only specification sheets. Sometimes there are small discrepancies between the specification sheet compared to the appliance that is sent to you, so it’s ideal to have the appliance on site at template to be able to get the most exact measurements so that we can tailor make your countertops.

3. Countertops Cleared Off
Let’s say you are keeping your old cabinets and just replacing the countertops. The template technician will just need your countertops completely cleared from anything. Don’t worry about inside the drawers or the cabinets though, we don’t need those cleared for the template!

As you can see, the template is super easy. There’s really only a couple of things that you need to make sure is completed before we can get the proper measurements for your project and start fabricating your beautiful new countertops!

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