Bathroom Vanity Countertops

A vanity top has a lot to live up to. From toothpaste to cosmetics to acetone to soap, your vanity is tasked with being both beautiful and durable.

Consider your lifestyle in order to narrow down the options for your bathroom:

  • Is it a guest bath with little traffic?
  • A master bath that goes through daily rituals?
  • Does it sees a lot of moisture from showers?

Our design professionals are well equipped to help you find a vanity top that will suit your routines and add the right touch to your bathroom design.

People spend significant time looking at their bathroom vanity, whether it’s while they’re brushing their teeth or washing their hands. Make sure it accents every aspect of your bathroom, from the floor, to the cabinets, to the backsplash, to the sink of your dreams. We’ll help you through selecting a color, edging, and finish so that your vanity top is as appropriate as it is appealing.

Introducing: Divine Stoneworks’s Vanity Program!

Want a high-end brand or expensive stone? All vanities using our remnants are all the same price!


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Whether you’re partial to a fun modern look with clean, crisp edges, or more interested in a classic, luxurious style, our team is happy to help you turn your bathroom into your own piece of paradise.

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A brighter alternative to Onixaa with soft movement and delicate veining.