Fireplace Surrounds

A fireplace has the ability to turn a house into a home. In New England, many have experienced the joy of warming their toes after a day in the snow or gathering around the fire during a cold, winter’s night. Whether you’re partial to the convenience of a modern gas or electric fire or one who lives for the ritual of building a wood fire, you know how a fireplace can bring a family together.

One question rarely asked, however, is: do you love your fireplace even without the flame? Winters may be long, but how much joy does your fireplace bring you during the summer? For year-long elegance, accenting a room with a stone fireplace surround is the ideal design element. Whether you’re showcasing a room or treating yourself to extravagance, a fireplace surround is the perfect design focal point to bring people together.

See for yourself: Our Showroom’s Fireplace Surround!

Our own example of a stunning, full floor-to-ceiling showcase fireplace surround is marked by striking vein patterns and a sleek, modern polished surface. Come in to see how it transforms the entrance to our showroom and talk with our design experts to discover just how much your home design could benefit from a fireplace surround.

Whether you’re looking to create a stunning masterpiece that will elevate your entire home, or to add a simple design accent to a well-loved room, our team is happy to help make your vision to reality.

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