Silver Cloud (Viscount White) Granite Kitchen Countertop Newton MA

Silver Cloud Kitchen Perimeter

Silver Cloud (also known as Viscount White, or Viscon White) is a popular, white granite with silver movement. The stone here is used to add a modern tone to the perimeter of the kitchen as well as accent the white, wooden cabinets.

Benefits of Viscount White Granite

  • Heat and Acid Resistant: Hot pots and pans can be placed on granite countertops at room temperature, and granite will resist most household acids.
  • Simple Maintenance: Applying sealer two to three times a year will help prevent any future liquid spills from staining the stone and will also help make sure no bacteria is caught in the stone’s pores.
  • Unique: Granite is a natural stone, meaning no two slabs will ever be identical. The minerals within a granite slab will always be different, adding exclusive character to your kitchen.
  • Value: A granite countertop will significantly boost a home’s resale value.

Details of Granite Kitchen Perimeter

  • The countertop is cut with a straight edge (also called pencil or eased), giving the kitchen a clean look that does not clash with the dramatic movement of the granite.

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Straight Edge/Pencil
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