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Christmas Cookoff 2020

Let’s get cookin’!

Really though. Would you want to come to cook with us through Instagram live? We are teaming up with Cosentino and celebrity Chef Stephen Coe who has recently won Food Network’s “Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay”. Chef Coe also has won “Chopped Grill Masters”, “World Bacon Champion”, “Tyler Florence Recipe Contest”, and “Boston Junior Chef of The Year”. Clearly, he can COOK!

Thankfully we won’t be competing against Chef Coe, however, I will say, our warehouse manager, Beto, also a trained chef, is quite the competition to those competing against us 🙂

Chef Coe will be the judge of a dessert that Beto will make from a mystery basket with 4 items, plus some basics from the pantry. Let’s hope the ingredients are not crazy like an octopus for a dessert because I don’t know many team members that would be brave enough to taste-test that creation.

We loved working with Cosentino this summer for a cooking demo using Dekton Bergen to show the durability, scratch, stain, and heat resistance. You’ll see Beto cutting right on the Dekton as well using a torch to roast peppers and sangria being spilled and wiped easily.

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it!

There are many great traits about Dekton that other stones don’t have. Dekton is made of 20 inorganic minerals which are minerals that aren’t living so they don’t deteriorate, making the color last and material strong. Dekton is great for both interior or exterior because of these hardy qualities.

In fact, did you know not all fabricators are able to fabricate and install Dekton? At Divine Stoneworks, we are Dekton Certified, which means that we are approved by Cosentino to fabricate and install Dekton properly.

As for design, Dekton has many high gloss and matte finishes for a classic or industrial look. Let us help you design your next indoor or outdoor kitchen, vanity, shower wall, floor, fireplace, etc. There are so many options with great products. Our team is dedicated to helping you design and make your goals a possibility!

Christmas Cookoff - Thursday 12/10/2020 - more details to come on our social media pages!

Click here to see the live on Instagram and catch highlights from the cookoff!